Director’s Update

Wednesday [4.28.10]

Just got to work…sort of rainy outside. Nice weather. I like this…I am not looking forward to the 105 degree days. By the way, that is what the temp is in India [Hyderabad] right now…somewhere between 99 and 105!! Yikes. Lets see…

Okay, the movie…yeah…right, you guessed it! Still waiting. Only now, it is sort of becoming funny. 7 months and counting. The last email we got from India said this, “the permit is in process.” Seriously!? Now, that is funny. Oh well.

So, how do I fill my days? Aside from doing my day job here at the church and having a family…well, I am teaching myself how to draw storyboards. I pulled out my set of boards from the film The Sixth Sense that I got many years ago from a friend who worked at Disney. A full set was lying around and she grabbed them for me! I love stuff like that. I was born to make movies for sure. My whole life I have dreamed of making movies…from the first time my parents let me pick a movie to go to for my birthday when I was 15. I picked the movie Rollerball with James Cann – not the lame re-make – and my mom, my dad and I went to see it at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood! Forget it. I was hooked. I remember seeing Rocky and wanting to be a boxer…seeing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and wanting to shoot guns and live in an old western town…seeing a dance movie and wanting to be a dancer…etc…I finally realized that what I wanted to do was create those worlds and tell their stories.

Anyway, that was a huge tangent. So anyway, I pulled out those boards and I also have a friend who was the key makeup artist on the John Woo film Face Off. Some time ago, we were talking and he told me he kept his shooting script, schedule and a full set of storyboards, of course I said “give them to me!” To which he replied “no possible way.” But I did get him to loan me his set, and I took them directly to Kinkos and had a copy made (more than $100.00 in photo copying!) I am sure the Kinkos people thought me a bit odd. Those copies fill a 5-inch binder! Anyway, so I have them spread across my desk in my office and between The Sixth Sense and Face Off, I am trying to teach myself how to draw.

Besides that I am still hunting down an editor for the project and…oh yeah, I did meet with Shari [actress who plays Sarah in the film] last week. She is so cool. She is sweet, pretty and an amazing talent. I told her again how thrilled I am that she is in the film. We discussed her scenes…I had told her after we cast her that I thought there was room to expand them a bit…and I re-wrote her scenes to add a little more tension and history. I sent them to Brent first, and he loved the re-write and so now I will send it to Shari and see what she thinks.

I also spent three more hours with Abe doing boards…this all sounds familiar. Did I already tell you guys this? It is possible I am losing my mind a little. Oh well. Anyway, so that is how I spent my summer vacation…wait, sorry, I mean that is what I am doing to stay busy while we continue to wait, learn, trust and pray for God to make this project all that HE wants it to be.

Be well and as always…thanks for caring and following the film.


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