Director’s Update

Wednesday.  In my weekly meeting…actually it is almost over so I thought I would write a quick note to let you guys know where we are. It seems we are supposed to get the permit this week.  Keep your fingers crossed and to those of you, who have taken a knee to talk to God on our behalf, please continue to do so…if you would be so kind. We would ask that you continue to pray for wisdom, guidance and direction for all of the production crew.

I will keep you posted as always.  Not much else happening…or I should say…not much else happening that, if I wrote it out…it would not pass by the people who make sure I don’t put my foot in my mouth on this blog.  I will say this, the enemy, devil, bad person, negative entity…whatever you choose to label what I choose to call Satan, is really working overtime to try and make sure this project falls apart.  He is fighting tooth and nail.  Nothing easy is ever worth doing…this project is a perfect example of that old adage.

I find myself constantly using that refrain as a mantra “He makes all things work together for His good.”  I am having a hard time focusing on this film at this point.  So much seemingly bad stuff has happened…but when I realize that “bad” is completely relative as God uses every situation to His good…He can work through us…even if we feel like He can’t or isn’t…He still makes all things work together for good…etc. As I rethink that concept, I lean on trust and faith and get out of the way…this is now and always has been and always will be God’s film.  Period.  I need to continue to let Him lead, especially when I get the urge to grab the steering wheel…like a little kid sitting on his Dad’s knee…wait, here is a story that fits….when I was very little, say three or maybe even younger, I was sitting on my grandmothers lap.  It was the Fourth of July. My grandmother was holding a sparkler in her hand.  Before she could react, I lunged forward and grabbed the working end of the sparkler.  
It immediately fused to my hand.  Not good.  As my Grandmother used to tell me the story, she panicked and apparently yanked the sparkler that was now fused to my hand, out of my grasp and rushed me to the hospital.  My Mom picks up the story there saying I had to wear huge bandage over my entire hand for a long time and apparently every time she would finish wrapping my hand, I would spend as long as necessary until I had my hand completely unwrapped.  Anyway, that reminds me of this film.  If I lunge for the wheel now, I am sure God would let me grab it and the train wreck that would most likely occur would be epic!  So, I will sit back and enjoy the sparkler from a distance and let God hold it…I will enjoy the colors knowing God is leading and directing…it takes all the pressure off.  Or at least it should.  If only I was smart enough to be that simple.  Oh to be a child again…I know, those of you who know me think sometimes I AM a child still…

Anyway, I will keep you all posted as we continue to take this journey that God, as of now, is not giving out any details for…no map, no itinerary, no schedule, no time line…just a stretching of my faith and a growing of my appreciation for people who can, in the face of great opposition, trust in God without wavering.  I will continue to strive for that end game.  The film permit will take care of itself….read as God will provide when He is ready…as Brent continues to say.  Sometimes at the top of his lungs…having to shout over me at the top of my lungs.  His point is always that God wants us to trust Him completely and He will provide.  A story as old as time.

Be well.

Thanks again for praying and walking with us.



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