Director’s Update

Tuesday 4. 13.10

Just finished with C2…our morning staff prayer.  Seems we are losing yet another one of our staff members to Rock Harbor.  Crazy.  Chris is a good, young preacher…who will do well over there.  Best of luck to him.

So let’s see, we submitted the “new” script…or should I say tweaked script, Monday.  Now…bet you can’t guess what we get to do now?  Yes!!  You have been paying attention!  That’s right, we get to wait.  Now, this is something that I am getting less and less amenable with…for many reasons, the least of which is that this “script” does nothing as a paperweight.  It does not help anyone.  Not one Dalit will benefit, no one will be moved and demand change, no one will get involved, no one will grieve for the children, no one person will walk out of the theater and not be able to sleep because their eyes will have been opened to this situation.  So, right now I am NOT okay with waiting any longer.  Yes, even though I truly have no choice or control over this process…this process that was supposed to take three weeks and we are now in our sixth month!!  Yes, even though I trust God is driving and that his timing is perfect…in my complete and total non perfectness [is that a word?] I still get irritated about waiting.  So even though I truly believe all of that and know it to be true in my heart, I still can’t help but get irritated…and so I call Brent and he graciously listens to me rant and rave, assures me he is doing all he can and then adds that he will make one more phone call or send one more email.  After working with me for so many years, he understands that sometimes I don’t want to hear that we can’t do something.  In my mind, there is always something that can be done.  I don’t want God to be waiting on us because we forgot some small detail. I know, it hurts my head as well so lets change the subject…hummm…

I met with a very nice guy yesterday.  He is a storyboard artist that Steven knows.  We spent about 2 and a half hours together.  We went through a few scenes when it occurred to me that I would be duplicating efforts if I did not have Abe involved…I would then have to spend the same amount of time retelling everything to Abe and deciphering the drawings.  I then purchased a new iPhone application that allows you to make digital storyboards…it is a pretty cool little application! Now, I will go back to the locations and shoot photos with extras and then, working with Abe, we can make a game plan for the shoot.  Saves money and uses time more efficiently.  All good things.

Lets see, what else is happening?  I found out about a contest for short films that I like and will try to shoot something for…probably in India.  Could be cool.  The contest is judged by Ridley Scott, one of my favorite directors. The film has to be 3 minutes or less.  Excellent.  Not long enough to be boring…like this blog!  I do often wonder if anyone is reading…I have said that before and have even asked for responses…with no reply.  That is why I sort of decided to use this as my own private and personal journal.  And that is also probably why Brent and Jessica have to censor the content on occasion.  I do forget that I am writing not for my own eyes, but for those of you still trying to muck your way through this week after week.  I should give a prize to the one who endures the longest!!  I am grateful for anyone reading…and Jessica assures me that you guys are out there…and I do have to say that on a occasion someone will comment on something I have written…proof that it is being read by someone…I know Gayle and Bill read these, I think Bev still reads these…by the way, hello Bev.  Hope you are well.  I am excited to work with you again to finish our cast off at an equally high level.   Bev will be involved with casting our Indian cast as well.

Wednesday 4.14.10

I just got home from our staff “fun” day…which was in fact “fun”.  We went to a local Go Kart racing track called Dromo 1.   Anyway it was really fun and then we all went to Bob’s Big Boy for lunch.  A good time for sure.  I learned not to slide my car, if at all possible, as it scrubs off speed and slows you down.  Valuable info for the next time!  Now I am home.  I just talked to Shari, the wonderful actress we cast as Sarah in the film.  She wants to meet and start going through the script for her character.  Excellent.  I need to start working my creative brain again.  She is always fun and super talented…so her input will be good for sure.  She is already invested…which is what she told me when I told her I understand if she doesn’t want to meet until we have firm dates.  A great response!

I went for a late afternoon bike ride yesterday…A great time.  Being on the bike is always good for me.  I can think and ponder and struggle and hurt….for an hour!  Yesterday, what I came away with was that I need to relax on the timeline and trust that God is working behind the scenes to make a way for us that otherwise would not have been available.  A good thought to keep at the forefront of my mind….that and that He makes all things work together for good.

Anyway I will leave you with that.  Have a great week and as always thanks for investing in the project and for praying for us.



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One response to “Director’s Update

  1. John Bartsch

    Hey Jon, Just to let you know I read the blogs and appreciate the frustration you’re going through. Thanks for your updates. I’ll keep praying you get this thing through the red tape of bureaucracy.
    Keep the faith.
    John B.

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