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Still waiting…

3.29.10 Monday before Easter and I am sitting in my office getting things ready for our Easter services coming up this weekend. I have to admit…I am having a hard time focusing right now. My mind keeps wandering to thoughts about all the little “micro budgeted films” that are getting good press and more importantly are getting seen…I am now caught in the in-between…no, not Peter Jackson’s “in-between” from the film Lovely Bones. My in-between is me trying desperately to stay focused on making our film while having no idea what God’s timing is for this project. Lately, I have been getting the urge to write something that I can then go shoot for a micro type of budget. I think about how nice it would be to be able to drop all the red tape, all the negotiations, all the permit issues…and just go direct a film…after all that is what I do. I have no inclination to be anything else…well except an architect. I wanted to be one all through high school and had fancied designing houses for a living…but the pull to film was way too strong.

So now, like I said last week, I am dusting off some of my unfinished screenplays to see if any of them can be tailored for “what I have available”…that is where you start. What can I actually get my hands on through friends or friends of friends or relatives etc…I have a few ideas that will work. Now, I just need to write them…finish writing one of them anyway. So, I will start that and see how that goes. Stay tuned as you might end up reading the “Doors” feature film blog, or even the “Tomorrow Bridge” film blog! Anyway back to work for me…just wanted to get a jump on this week’s informative [Ha] and educational [Ha Ha] and entertaining [Ha Ha Ha] blog.

I just read about a comic book selling for 1.5 million dollars. Crazy.


Tuesday 3.30.10

Preparations continue for Easter here at work
Talked to Brent briefly about Thursday. We are supposed to finally get to see the test footage we shot a few weeks back. I am cautiously optimistic. Abe has set it up for Thursday at 3:00…we will meet early to go over a few of the first scenes in the film…pick lenses, discuss every detail of each shot, etc. I am wondering if we can get the look that I am seeking directly from the camera negative. If we have to get into some type of a special processing or digital Intermediate then we are talking more money…money we don’t have. God willing the look of raw light and exposed bulbs will come through as I see it in my head…we shall see. I am anxious to meet with Abe…he always has so much enthusiasm and he is such a great talent…very inspiring.

By the way, yesterday was our worship leader Aaron Blanton’s 30th birthday!!! Give him a call or drop him a note of good wishes. He is a great guy with a great family and he uses his talents for God.

Also, my friend Ron…the guy who changed my life with his seminar [he and his wife Tina who is equally amazing] is in Canada right now preparing for surgery on his leg…he has cancer. I would ask everyone reading this to stop and say a quick prayer sometime during your day on Thursday for his surgeons, his family, his own peace of mind and of course, for his quick recovery and ultimate miracle healing. Thanks.

Just got some news from Brent that received the script “adjustment” from our Indian company. They unfortunately did not use the revision mode in Final Draft [the screenwriting software we use] and now we can’t easily track what they tweaked. Also they are asking us to send them four hard copies of the script…to which I reply to Brent “are there no copy machines in India!!!?” That is one more week lost from the time it takes the mail to travel to India! Brent and I joke that we will never say never about anything in regards to this project again…since it seems every time we do God has another plan. Yes we said that we would NEVER shoot this film in June in India!! Now that is a distinct possibility. Once again, after venting to Brent…I go back to my mantra “He makes all things work together for good” and then Brent and I laugh and say, “We will NEVER make this movie in two weeks in Tahiti!!”

Anyone want to check out a really cool trailer for a film coming out check out the Scott Pilgrim vs the world trailer.  It is from the same director who made the film Shaun of the Dead, a crazy funny zombie slasher film. The director’s name is Edgar Wright. He is a super talented young guy.

If you are in Orange County this weekend, we are having a few Good Friday services and four Easter services. Stop in and introduce yourself. Both Brent and I will be there. As I was writing this, Steven calls me. I have to say…I really like that guy. He is like an older brother and I am super pumped he is going to be managing this shoot. He is really good at what he does and has such a great no nonsense attitude. I just like him. Anyway he will meet us there tomorrow for the film deal. Cool. He is doing a shoot in the morning with Bono and Rod Stewart. Again I say cool.

Hope you guys all have a great Easter. Thanks for praying and supporting the film.


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