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I hope this update finds you well and, once again, thank you for caring enough to check in on us.

Yesterday, we met the executive producer board that will oversee the production.  Mark, Mark, Phil and Gerald plus myself and Brent.  A few new faces and a few old ones.  We discussed all things the film, from financing to the script length to creative control to casting.  Mark C suggested a writer friend to possibly do some trimming of the script for us.  He is a well-known TV writer and is a good guy to boot, not to mention a strong Christian…always a plus!  Brent and I left feeling that, while there are still things to discuss, contracts to iron out and sign etc. overall, things appear to be heading in the right direction.

I spoke with Brent on the way into the office today.  It seems the film is now a living breathing entity that demands, pleads, hopes, desires and will not take NO for an answer on most occasions.  Probably it has always been that way and I have just finally come to recognize it as such.  Who knows…anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, I spoke with Brent about my concerns over the “make a movie by committee situation” that could arise here.  He assures me that he is sensitive to my concerns [as any good producer should say] and will be on top of it.  I listen a little, vent a little, and then we move on.  Not sure if it actually accomplishes anything but, it does seem to be what ends up happening a lot these days.

This morning we got a call from the manager of someone we are interested in for the pivotal role of the lead character’s Mother.  This character is the spiritual backbone of the film and will need a strong actress who can be real and engaging.  This person whom we are interested is on the top of our short list for that character.  I will not say her name now but stay tuned.  She is a well-known “name” in the secular as well as Christian community.  She would be really great if we could get her.  The deal is that she has not done any major acting for several years.  Her people are going to send over the last thing she did so that we can take a look.  We have looked at some YOU TUBE stuff, interviews, videos etc…she is great on camera, super comfortable, engaging and seems a perfect fit for the role.  Now we pray and continue to wait to see what happens.

We also spoke with Chris and Denise….always a bright spot.  They have been such great friends and supporters and we remain thrilled they are on board.   This morning’s discussion revolved around the upm/line producer position that is still open.  More names are batted around.  We shall see how all this plays out….another day in the process of making a film.


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